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Growth and development are critical to employees. The company takes the talented person introduction, the training, provides the professional career plan for the staff, organizes each kind of enterprise training, promotes the staff quality. In line with the basic principle of“Matching people and posts, making the best use of talents”, the two career development channels of management and profession have been formed, and employees have been given the right to choose the direction of career development, to ensure the optimized allocation of human resources for employees to create good promotion channels, to achieve the common growth of employees and enterprises. In addition to production safety concerns, the company also attaches great importance to the cultural construction and health of employees. This is mainly reflected in our efforts to create a comfortable working and living environment for employees, such as offices and workshops, canteens and so on. The discovery was named Dongguan's most beautiful canteen in 2019. Only by making employees eat well can they work better. The company adheres to the principle ofPeople-oriented and holds regular employee representatives' seminars to solve employee concerns in a timely manner; ensures employee salary growth, continuously improves food for employees; and gradually reduces the labor intensity of front-line employees, employees' rewards and punishments are open and transparent to curb unfairness, and give warmth and humanity to difficult employees, such as providing difficult subsidies to enhance employees' sense of identity and belonging to the company. Round-trip tickets during the spring festival are reimbursed. Full Automatic Paper Cup Shaping Machine, Disposable Cup Manufacturing Machine , Semi Automatic Paper Cup Making Machine , Cone Paper Cup Forming Machine ,Ice Cream Bowl Making Machine . Although the rapid development of ink-jet printing technology due to offset printing cost advantages, in China's good external economic environment and the overall up-going food printing industry environment, digital printing has been paid close attention to for its convenience to people's life. The investigation shows that the development of digital printing in our country starts from big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, and has made rapid development in a short time. The demonstration effect of big cities has led investors in other parts of the country to invest enthusiastically in digital printing. At present, sales of digital printing equipment have been rolled out in all parts of the country, most large and medium-sized cities in the country have digital printing press distribution. Because of the financial crisis, the traditional printing industry has also been greatly impacted, making the business volume of traditional printing enterprises have a serious decline. At the same time, although digital printing has also been a certain impact, but the impact is small. As a result, the market share of digital printing technology is gradually increasing, leading to digital printing to become a trend of the printing industry in the future. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Uganda, Stuttgart,Istanbul, Luxembourg.Paper Cup production companies to create food-grade production environment, eliminate production link pollution. Production area: changing room, ultraviolet disinfection room, production area, laboratory, Molding Workshop, etc. . In accordance with the National Food Purification Project dust-free workshop standards improvement, particle concentrations or microbial concentrations in the production area were measured 24 hours a day. Paper Cup production company in the design needs to launch a new standard in line with the national design template, constantly recommended to new and old customers. In the pre-production design link, constantly guide customers to accept the New Paper Cup design style, actively to the new national standard close. Paper Cup manufacturing companies to ensure that the use of fluorescent agents, whitening agents, recycled pulp and other inferior paper, eliminate the inherent health of the cup from the source. According to the regulations, Paper Cup production company to each batch of paper for strict factory registration. There are many kinds of machines, we have to choose the right products according to their own requirements, not too high price is not too low, understand the performance of the machine is also very important, I believe that the future development will be better!

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