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Since the establishment of the company, product excellence, has passed provincial-level technology and new product identification and ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system and ISO45001 occupational health and Safety Management System Paper Cup, Paper Bowl certification. Has been named the Guangdong famous promotion products. We will continue to work hard to preferential prices, warmly welcome domestic and foreign businessmen to come to discuss business. The company abides by ethical standards, strictly implements laws and regulations on environmental protection, energy consumption and production safety, and actively promotes the development of public welfare undertakings, and conscientiously fulfils its corporate social responsibility. Paper Cup And Plate Machine, Paper Cup Plate Machine , Paper Bowl Machinery , High Speed Paper Bowl Making Machine ,Disposable Plates And Cups Making Machine . Green packaging-start with small changes, saving the planetStarbucks' green apron does two things every day-share a good cup of coffee with a friend, and help make the world a little better. Our simple concept has not changed since the company was founded and remains unchanged today, said Wang Jingying, chief executive of Starbucks China. The 'Love Green' plan announced by Starbucks China today is just the first step in our ongoing exploration of an environmentally friendly, Love Green Earth. Environmental protection is a cool thing, and we hope that through every Starbucks“Green apron” in every store in China, we can influence and encourage more customers and fans to join us in Loving Green and loving the Earth.” The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Oman, Lesotho,Vietnam, Uruguay.Paper Cup production companies to create food-grade production environment, eliminate production link pollution. Production area: changing room, ultraviolet disinfection room, production area, laboratory, Molding Workshop, etc. . In accordance with the National Food Purification Project dust-free workshop standards improvement, particle concentrations or microbial concentrations in the production area were measured 24 hours a day. Paper Cup production company in the design needs to launch a new standard in line with the national design template, constantly recommended to new and old customers. In the pre-production design link, constantly guide customers to accept the New Paper Cup design style, actively to the new national standard close. Paper Cup manufacturing companies to ensure that the use of fluorescent agents, whitening agents, recycled pulp and other inferior paper, eliminate the inherent health of the cup from the source. According to the regulations, Paper Cup production company to each batch of paper for strict factory registration. There are many kinds of machines, we have to choose the right products according to their own requirements, not too high price is not too low, understand the performance of the machine is also very important, I believe that the future development will be better!

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