Automatic PLC Single Tray Paper Cup Machine(HONGXIN)

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AUTOMATIC SINGLE-DISC PAPER Cup forming machine is used to produce single-sided and double-sided PE coated paper cups. It can make hot and cold drink paper cups, Coffee Cups, ice cream paper cups and other food paper containers. 

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Paper cup specifications


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Paper specifications


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Ultrasonic bonding

Paper type

Single PE/double PE/PLA

We can customize the machine and mould according to customer's requirements

FTPCM-PLC single tray paper cup machine is a brand new model developed by our company based on years of paper cup machine manufacturing experience combined with medium-speed paper cup machine. It is an advanced domestic paper cup forming equipment. The frame is welded with rectangular pipe and channel steel, with high strength and small deformation. The whole machine adopts the method of spraying and lubricating to reduce the wear of machine parts. The bottom of the cup is formed by a stretch die, and the bottom of the cup has a good forming effect, thereby reducing the chance of water leakage. The cup-making process is PLC controlled, photoelectric eye tracking failure shutdown monitoring system, servo-controlled bottom feeding, bottom feeding if there is a cup tube, and no bottom feeding if there is no cup tube. Robotic design, equipped with safety protection devices, beautiful and generous, is an ideal replacement product for the original three-turntable model.

Automatic PLC Single Tray Paper Cup Machine(HONGXIN)3
Automatic PLC Single Tray Paper Cup Machine(HONGXIN)2
Automatic PLC Single Tray Paper Cup Machine(HONGXIN)1
Automatic PLC Single Tray Paper Cup Machine(HONGXIN)4


1. We guarantee any defects in design and workmanship within one year from the date of shipment.

2. Production per shift (8 hours) is about 38,400 cups, or about 3.24 million cups per month (20 hours a day given the protection of the machine).

3. In normal production, the qualified rate is higher than 99% ;

4. An operator can handle multiple machines at the same time.

5. The mechanical transmission part is guaranteed for 5 years, and the whole machine can be repaired free of charge within one year if there is any problem (not including any damage caused by abuse, improper operation, neglect and other reasons beyond our responsibility).



Automatic Rejection function when boot. Paper Conveyer Belt is the supporting equipment of Paper Cup forming machine. It can reduce the frequency of adding paper per unit time and achieve the goal of saving labor cost. 

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