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First of all, the paper cup relative to the words will look some grade, and above if you want to carve patterns, the relative cost will be lower. Like the general important occasion, will use paper cups to entertain guests. Plastic Cups, however, are more cumbersome to handle and require more work and time. And paper cups are not polluting the environment. This kind of cup can actually be completely degraded after use, while plastic can cause white pollution, both from the looks of it and the soil itself are contaminated. At the moment, paper cups are more expensive than plastic ones, but they're healthier for drinking from, and plastic can be more or less harmful at high temperatures. So for their own health, of course, to abandon the plastic cup to use paper cups to drink water. Of course, another feature of paper cups is that their thermal conductivity is not very good. In winter, if you drink a cup of hot water from a plastic cup, holding it in your hand will be very hot, but the paper cup is different, this time the hand can just warm but not hot. So to sum up, whether it is from the environment, health, or convenience, paper cups will have more advantages, is the best choice. Popcorn Cup Making Machine, All In One Paper Bowl Machine , High Speed Paper Cup Making Machine , Intelligent Paper Cup Machine ,Paper Cup Machine High Speed . The forming process of Paper Cup machine is not complex, Paper Cup mainly by the cup wall and the bottom of two parts, so the forming process of Paper Cup machine is to the bottom of the cup and the cup wall are processed, and then firmly into one. The Paper Cup machine is mainly made of coated paper. The paper on the wall of the cup can be made into fan shape by printing fine patterns in advance, while the paper on the bottom of the cup can be made of roll paper. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,South Africa, French,Munich, United States.What's Better Than Supermarket Paper Cups? Custom-made paper cups are much better than supermarket ones because they cost more in small quantities than they would in a supermarket, or even in a wholesale market. However, take note of the following questions. 1. You Go to the supermarket and the market to buy the cup, generally only 180 grams of paper, custom-made paper cups are mostly used in 268 grams of paper production, the number of grams of paper here refers to a unit weight of one square meter of coated paper used to make paper cups. The current paper price is high, with 170 grams of paper cups certainly lower than the cost of 268 grams. 2. The problem of printing: the paper cups on the market are usually one or two colors, and when they are printed, they are printed in large quantities. There are millions and millions of paper cups for each order, because they are single color, the quantity is so large that the printing price must be small enough to be ignored. But the custom-made paper cup is different, basically in order to highlight their corporate image so the color is basically 4-color; must be on the 4-color printing machine to print, we all know that printing this thing has a start-up printing price, if it is a small number of the cost of drawing above the price is much higher. Personnel costs and logistics costs; because the volume is small so the machine in the production of a continuous single count, the need for workers than the market paper cup is about twice as much. Logistics because custom-made general to be more urgent so we must use their own delivery or express delivery; this cost is also much higher. 4, Advertisement Paper Cup can print company's advertisement, for the company image to play a certain affectation, compared to go to the supermarket to buy Paper Cup, this gap is very big.

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