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Enterprise Mission, vision, values and its connotation Paper Cup Machine, Automatic Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine , Disposable Plates And Cups Making Machine , Semi Automatic Paper Cup Making Machine ,Paper Dish Making Machine . Paper tableware since its inception, in Europe and the United States, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong and other developed countries and regions have been widely promoted and used. The paper products are beautiful, environment-friendly, oil-proof and heat-resistant, and non-toxic, tasteless, good image, feel good, biodegradable, non-polluting. Paper tableware entered the market on its unique charm quickly accepted by people. International fast food and beverage suppliers such as mcdonald's, KFC, coca-cola, Pepsi and all instant noodle manufacturers use paper tableware. Plastic products, which appeared 20 years ago and are known as White Revolution, not only bring convenience to mankind, but also produce White pollution which is hard to eliminate today. Because of the difficulty of recycling plastic tableware, incineration produces harmful gases, and can not be natural degradation, burial will destroy the soil structure. Our government spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year to deal with it with little success. To develop green environmental protection products and eliminate white pollution has become a major global social problem. In environmental protection, Dongguan Hongxin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd has been pursuing the“Energy saving, consumption reduction, pollution reduction, efficiency” concept. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Hyderabad, Ukraine,Suriname, Kenya.What's Better Than Supermarket Paper Cups? Custom-made paper cups are much better than supermarket ones because they cost more in small quantities than they would in a supermarket, or even in a wholesale market. However, take note of the following questions. 1. You Go to the supermarket and the market to buy the cup, generally only 180 grams of paper, custom-made paper cups are mostly used in 268 grams of paper production, the number of grams of paper here refers to a unit weight of one square meter of coated paper used to make paper cups. The current paper price is high, with 170 grams of paper cups certainly lower than the cost of 268 grams. 2. The problem of printing: the paper cups on the market are usually one or two colors, and when they are printed, they are printed in large quantities. There are millions and millions of paper cups for each order, because they are single color, the quantity is so large that the printing price must be small enough to be ignored. But the custom-made paper cup is different, basically in order to highlight their corporate image so the color is basically 4-color; must be on the 4-color printing machine to print, we all know that printing this thing has a start-up printing price, if it is a small number of the cost of drawing above the price is much higher. Personnel costs and logistics costs; because the volume is small so the machine in the production of a continuous single count, the need for workers than the market paper cup is about twice as much. Logistics because custom-made general to be more urgent so we must use their own delivery or express delivery; this cost is also much higher. 4, Advertisement Paper Cup can print company's advertisement, for the company image to play a certain affectation, compared to go to the supermarket to buy Paper Cup, this gap is very big.

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