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The company's products, services and operations are mainly related to quality and safety, environmental protection, energy conservation, comprehensive use of resources, safety in production, public health and other aspects of the impact. The company has strictly complied with national laws and regulations such as the environmental protection law, the law on the prevention and control of air pollution, the law on the prevention and control of water pollution and the law on work safety for the past three years, the company's waste water, exhaust gas, noise are up to the national and local emission standards, the company's industrial solid waste are treated, disposal, hazardous waste disposal rate of 100% . The company is very concerned about potential public concerns about the future quality and safety of its products, services and operations, the environment, energy consumption, resource integration and public health, actively research countermeasures and make advance preparation. To this end, the company developed the“Emergency Response Plan for environmental emergencies,” the full public concerns into the system norms. Paper Tray Machine, Paper Cup Machine Fully Automatic , Disposable Bowl Making Machine , Disposable Paper Cup Machine ,Full Automatic Paper Cup Shaping Machine . Paper Cup is divided into: single-sided PE coated paper cup and double-sided PE coated paper cup, single Pe Coated Paper Cup: the Paper Cup produced with single PE coated paper is called single Pe Paper Cup (the Common Market Paper Cup in China, most of the Advertising Paper Cup are single PE coated paper cup) , the paper cup is made of paper cup coated with PE film on the side of the paper cup which contains water, and the paper cup coated with PE film on both sides is called double-sided Pe Paper Cup, in the form of PE film on the inside and outside of the cup, cup size: we use OZ units to measure the size of the cup. Examples: 9-ounce, 6.5-ounce, 7-ounce paper cups commonly available on the market. Oz: An Ounce is a unit of weight, represented here: 1 ounce is the weight of 28.34 milliliters of water, put like this: 1 OZ (OZ) = 28.34 ml (ml) = 28.34 g (g) Paper Cup: in China, we call a cup the size of 3-18 OZ (OZ) Paper Cup, regular paper cups can be made on our company's Paper Cup machine. Paper Bowls: 20-60 oz. Paper cups are called paper bowls, the diameter of the bowl is larger than the diameter of the cup. If the diameter of the bottom exceeds 70mm, the bowl is produced by a paper bowl machine. Paper Bucket: we call the 60-200 oz. Paper Bucket and make it on the Oversize Paper Bowl Machine Note: Paper Cup machine and Paper Bowl machine are different machines. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Islamabad, Florida,South Africa, Spain.The paper bowl machine is a general equipment used for making disposable paper bowls. There are paper bowl machines for making disposable paper bowls and cup-making machines for making disposable plastic bowls, specific paper bowl manufacturing equipment selection can be based on the manufacturing process to determine. Paper Bowl machines have only emerged in the last few years, especially in some banquets where they are most widely used. There are also some related equipment such as spoon machines, Paper Cup machines, and so on. These equipment work in a similar way, using paper as the material, some things use plastics as raw materials for manufacturing. Paper Bowl machine produced by the paper bowl requirements are very high, the need for paper bowl manufacturing materials absolute health and safety, and moisture-proof, moisture-proof, heat insulation, heat preservation. Paper Bowl machine to make different shapes of paper bowl need to change the mold. Some paper bowls, paper cups, plastic cups and other products bought in the market are all made using paper bowl machines. Because of the wide use of people and the large market, the competition in the paper bowl machine manufacturing industry is extremely fierce, when we buy paper bowls, we need to ensure the hygiene of the products!

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