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HONGXIN do a good job in environmental protection. From the purchase of raw materials to the production process, the whole process of hazardous substances control. According to the performance of the management system and the annual management review meeting, set the continuous improvement goals and management programs, and implement them to the responsible departments, which are followed up by the General Affairs Department on a quarterly basis, to achieve the environment, energy resources, security management performance of the continuous improvement. In safety production, the company has always followed the“Focus on safety, prevention-oriented” work policy, starting from training staff safety awareness, carrying out three-level safety education, according to the safety characteristics of different positions, take safety precautions such as on-the-job safety training, provision of labor protection supplies, payment of old-age pension and industrial injury insurance for all employees, etc. to ensure that all employees have the safety knowledge and skills required by the job, to ensure the personal safety of employees. Every year, the company organizes a free medical check-up for the employees who are in contact with the occupational hazards. If the diseases are found in the check-up, they should be reminded and arranged to see a doctor . Paper Dish Manufacturing Machine, Paper Dish Maker Machine , Jk Paper Cup Machine , Paper Cup Plate Machine ,Cone Paper Cup Forming Machine . Cup machine in recent years to a large number of manufacturers and professionals welcome, as the name suggests that the cup machine is a kind of production of paper cups. As you know, paper cups are used to hold liquid, and the liquid is usually edible, so from here we can understand that the production of paper cups must comply with food safety regulations. Then Paper Cup machine in the choice of cup-making raw materials is also need to take into account the materials used to meet the edible requirements. Paper tableware since its inception, in Europe and the United States, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong and other developed countries and regions have been widely promoted and used. The paper products are beautiful, environment-friendly, oil-proof and heat-resistant, and non-toxic, tasteless, good image, feel good, biodegradable, non-polluting. Paper tableware entered the market on its unique charm quickly accepted by people. International fast food and beverage suppliers such as mcdonald's, KFC, coca-cola, Pepsi and all instant noodle manufacturers use paper tableware. Plastic products, which appeared 20 years ago and are known as “White Revolution”, not only bring convenience to mankind, but also produce “White pollution” which is hard to eliminate today. Because of the difficulty of recycling plastic tableware, incineration produces harmful gases, and can not be natural degradation, burial will destroy the soil structure. Our government spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Montreal, El Salvador,Malta, Vancouver.Up to now, the consumption level of the domestic public is getting higher and higher, and the concept of consumption is getting closer and closer to the level of the domestic ancestors. Paper cups are products during the period of environmental protection, in the tide of the history of care for the environment, care for health, care for life, as a part-time production of green paper cups of Paper Cup machine more and more by the investment industry. Compared with the Disposable Plastic Cup, the paper cup used in the paper material, processing function, printing function, the performance of vitreous element is better. Because the paper material source is widespread, easy to form a large amount of production, can be used for composite processing, the variety is also diverse. Cost is very low, relatively light weight, easy to transport and easy to accept take-over operation, by more and more manufacturers. Therefore, many manufacturers have rejected the original plastic cup equipment, replaced by specially produced Paper Cup Cup machine. Now because the paper cup is a daily necessity of disposable consumer goods, home must be used, four times a year, so relatively speaking, the market will never dry up. The market characteristics of Paper Cup machine makes its cup production ability is quite strong, but also can not meet this huge cup consumption market. So we have to increase the power of the cup machine and technology. To meet our social and economic benefits.

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