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The company's products, services and operations are mainly related to quality and safety, environmental protection, energy conservation, comprehensive use of resources, safety in production, public health and other aspects of the impact. The company has strictly complied with national laws and regulations such as the environmental protection law, the law on the prevention and control of air pollution, the law on the prevention and control of water pollution and the law on work safety for the past three years, the company's waste water, exhaust gas, noise are up to the national and local emission standards, the company's industrial solid waste are treated, disposal, hazardous waste disposal rate of 100% . The company is very concerned about potential public concerns about the future quality and safety of its products, services and operations, the environment, energy consumption, resource integration and public health, actively research countermeasures and make advance preparation. To this end, the company developed the“Emergency Response Plan for environmental emergencies,” the full public concerns into the system norms. Paper Cup Making, Bowl Paper Cup Machine , Burger Box Making Machine , Paper Tea Cup Making Machine ,Disposable Dish Making Machine . Brief introduction of Paper Cup machine and Paper Bowl machine The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Mexico, Czech,Slovakia, Tunisia.Up to now, the consumption level of the domestic public is getting higher and higher, and the concept of consumption is getting closer and closer to the level of the domestic ancestors. Paper cups are products during the period of environmental protection, in the tide of the history of care for the environment, care for health, care for life, as a part-time production of green paper cups of Paper Cup machine more and more by the investment industry. Compared with the Disposable Plastic Cup, the paper cup used in the paper material, processing function, printing function, the performance of vitreous element is better. Because the paper material source is widespread, easy to form a large amount of production, can be used for composite processing, the variety is also diverse. Cost is very low, relatively light weight, easy to transport and easy to accept take-over operation, by more and more manufacturers. Therefore, many manufacturers have rejected the original plastic cup equipment, replaced by specially produced Paper Cup Cup machine. Now because the paper cup is a daily necessity of disposable consumer goods, home must be used, four times a year, so relatively speaking, the market will never dry up. The market characteristics of Paper Cup machine makes its cup production ability is quite strong, but also can not meet this huge cup consumption market. So we have to increase the power of the cup machine and technology. To meet our social and economic benefits.

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