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Enterprise Mission, vision, values and its connotation Paper Container Machine, Cup Paper Making Machine , Semi Automatic Paper Cup Machine , Automatic Paper Cup Making Machine ,Normal Speed Paper Cup Machine . PE coated paper: paper for the production of paper cups, paper bowls for PE coated paper PE: polyethylene; PE coated: that is, in the paper on the top with a film machine (laminating machine) coated with a layer of PE (polyethylene) film; Single-side PE coated paper: only one side of the PE coated paper called single-side PE coated paper, the common paper cups are single-side PE coated paper cups, (can go to the market to see, only the water side has PE film) ; double-sided PE film paper: paper on both sides of the paper has PE film called double-sided PE film paper;? Paper weight: The Weight of one square metre of paper in units of: ? ? G/M 2; PE weight: refers to a square meter of paper on the PE weight, (generally 10-20 grams per square meter) PE coated paper weight: the weight of Paper + PE weight, single-sided coated paper weight is (the weight of paper + PE weight) ; Double-sided coated paper weight (base paper weight + one side PE weight + other side PE weight) Cup: The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Ecuador, Portugal,France, Croatia.Paper Bowl machine in the application of the industry

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