What are the requirements for Automatic Paper Bowl Machine Maintenance?

Automatic Paper Bowl machine from the literal meaning can be known as a production of paper bowl equipment, Paper Bowl produced by the Noodle Bowl, fast food packaging paper bowl, such as Milk Tea Cup, Coffee Cup can also be produced. Paper Bowl machine has high output power and easy operation. As a large demand paper bowl production equipment, to its maintenance is necessary. How to maintain automatic paper bowl machine? Through professional personnel summed up the following points:

Paper Bowl machine

1, Regular Paper Bowl machine produced in the process of cleaning the scraps, to its comprehensive careful cleaning.

2, pay attention to the correct operation of Paper Bowl machine, in order to adhere to the good operation of paper bowl machine, work parts also need to adhere to good lubrication.

3. When the paper bowl machine is working, the rolling pressure of the Knurling Mill should not be increased suddenly. The heater should be stopped for a long time at high temperature.

4, Paper Bowl machine production environment to adhere to clean, non-polluting, do a good job moisture, fire prevention measures.

5, do not use paper bowl machine, use clean, can cover the equipment of plastic film cover, so as not to fall ash, affect the maintenance effect. After all, the paper bowl machine is produced by the food industry needs of paper products, that is, due to the large demand, equipment needs more careful maintenance, but also to ensure that the production of paper bowl clean, pollution-free. This ability to delay the useful life of paper bowl machine, ability to improve the quality of production and power, ability to make disposable paper bowl into a centering supplies.

Post time: Sep-05-2022