Automatic paper bowl machine

The cam structure of the automatic paper bowl machine can make the follower of the paper bowl machine obtain a more chaotic movement, and then complete the cycle of paperboard production, to produce more paperboard products. CAM organization in the structure and planning has a simple, compact features, can complete a variety of contrast messy movement requirements, which makes it not only in the paper bowl machine has the use of, it also plays an important role in other devices. Automatic Paper Bowl machine especially paper bowl machine, if after refueling is still present abnormal sound, it is explained that the formation of the center of Difference, ordinary smooth should be able to use less than a week. Paper Bowl machine parts loose, which is a good distinction, in the machine to stop the situation, the user can check the paper bowl machine parts to see if there is a loose condition, if there is, to be cleaned in time. Now the use of paper bowl machine more and more enterprises, but the paper bowl machine rolling spiral drive to understand is not a lot, its principle of what? Working principle: according to the shape of the rolling body, the rolling spiral drive can be divided into two categories: Ball and roller. Ball screw with ball as rolling body is very widespread. Ball screw nut drive is in the lead screw and nut put between the right amount of ball, so that the screw and nut sliding friction between sliding friction into rolling friction of the Spiral Drive. The utility model is composed of a lead screw, a nut, a ball and a ball circulating return device of 4 parts. While the lead screw and the nut are in motion, the ball will roll along the raceway surface.  

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Post time: Oct-24-2022