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the social responsibility to abide by the laws and regulations of the state Middle Speed Paper Cup Machine, Disposable Cup Manufacturing Machine , All In One Paper Bowl Machine , Paper Cake Cup Making Machine ,Full Automatic Paper Bowl Machine . Paper Cup is divided into: single-sided PE coated paper cup and double-sided PE coated paper cup, single Pe Coated Paper Cup: the Paper Cup produced with single PE coated paper is called single Pe Paper Cup (the Common Market Paper Cup in China, most of the Advertising Paper Cup are single PE coated paper cup) , the paper cup is made of paper cup coated with PE film on the side of the paper cup which contains water, and the paper cup coated with PE film on both sides is called double-sided Pe Paper Cup, in the form of PE film on the inside and outside of the cup, cup size: we use OZ units to measure the size of the cup. Examples: 9-ounce, 6.5-ounce, 7-ounce paper cups commonly available on the market. Oz: An Ounce is a unit of weight, represented here: 1 ounce is the weight of 28.34 milliliters of water, put like this: 1 OZ (OZ) = 28.34 ml (ml) = 28.34 g (g) Paper Cup: in China, we call a cup the size of 3-18 OZ (OZ) Paper Cup, regular paper cups can be made on our company's Paper Cup machine. Paper Bowls: 20-60 oz. Paper cups are called paper bowls, the diameter of the bowl is larger than the diameter of the cup. If the diameter of the bottom exceeds 70mm, the bowl is produced by a paper bowl machine. Paper Bucket: we call the 60-200 oz. Paper Bucket and make it on the Oversize Paper Bowl Machine Note: Paper Cup machine and Paper Bowl machine are different machines. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,New Zealand, Ukraine,Russia, Nepal.Hongxin Machinery Co. , Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Paper Cup machine, Paper Bowl machine. The Paper Cup crimping machine is a new type of machine developed by our company. It is a supporting equipment for the production line of Paper Cup and Paper Bowl, the utility model is beneficial to the sticking of the aluminum foil cover, such as Yoghurt Cup, enhancing the sealing performance and the fresh-keeping function.

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