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The company and the staff win-win development Ice Cream Bowl Making Machine , Heater Paper Cup Machine , Paper Cake Cup Making Machine , Although the rapid development of ink-jet printing technology due to offset printing cost advantages, in China's good external economic environment and the overall up-going food printing industry environment, digital printing has been paid close attention to for its convenience to people's life. The investigation shows that the development of digital printing in our country starts from big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, and has made rapid development in a short time. The demonstration effect of big cities has led investors in other parts of the country to invest enthusiastically in digital printing. At present, sales of digital printing equipment have been rolled out in all parts of the country, most large and medium-sized cities in the country have digital printing press distribution. Because of the financial crisis, the traditional printing industry has also been greatly impacted, making the business volume of traditional printing enterprises have a serious decline. At the same time, although digital printing has also been a certain impact, but the impact is small. As a result, the market share of digital printing technology is gradually increasing, leading to digital printing to become a trend of the printing industry in the future.
Good Quality Paper Plate And Cup Machine - FTPCM-12A Universal paper cup machine – Hongxin Detail:

Technical parameter:

Product models FTPCM-12A, FTPCM-18A, FTPCM-32A
Paper cup specifications 2-12oz (2-12oz), 3-18oz (3-18oz), 180z. 2202. 240z. 32oz etc.
Cup paper raw material single-sided film coating (160-230 g/square)
Cup paper raw material single-sided film coating (160-230 g/square)
Product power supply 380V, 220V, 50Hz/380V, 220V50Hz
Total power rate 4KW, 5KW, 6KW
Product weight 1350KG, 1600KG, 1800KG
Fixed production rate 45-55pieces/minute,45-55 pieces/minute, 35-45 pieces/minute
Dimensions (length x width x height) 2470x1200x1780mm, 2700x1350x1750mm,2900x1350x 1900mm

How to start an order with us ?  

1. Inquiry -Email Wechat/whatapp 24 hours available for have your requirements.

2. Solution offer – Best quotation based on your production capacity ,invest plan ,budget ect.

3. Customized- High- end customized according your local market requirement.

4. Preparation before placing order- Share us your factory layout ,we will design it the machine space, air, power, electric accordingly, invite you come to visit our machinery factory or our model customer’s factory to understand details.

5. Confirm the order – With the advanced payment for starting machine prodcution.

After-sales service

Quality control -Each part is marked with the source code of the supplier, and the real name of each production link is assessed,12 months Warranty,We would express the free replacement parts during the warranty date.

Training -Due to virus,buyer cannot dispatch technician to install machine in buyer’s factory.But will provide machine operating manual and machine disassemble video for reference.If buyer meet some problems during installation,will have engineer online,but the buyer require to download Wechat apply for a account as other foreign app doesn’t work in China.

Looking forward to your feedback- your sincere feedback is the most effective reference for the continuous improvement of our service.


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Good Quality Paper Plate And Cup Machine - FTPCM-12A Universal paper cup machine – Hongxin detail pictures

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The company pays attention to the company and the staff win-win, while the company develops steadily, provides the good working environment, the suitable living condition as well as has the competitive salary welfare for the staff. In the daily operation of the company, pay great attention to employee complaints, employee complaints, timely coordination with relevant departments to understand the situation and deal with as soon as possible, in order to eliminate employee dissatisfaction, put your whole body into the work process, happy learning, happy work, happy life. In addition, the company every year to do an overall staff satisfaction survey, statistical analysis of the formation of a report, targeted to improve. The work has continued year by year, and achieved good results, employee satisfaction increased year by year. To sum up, social responsibility is a newly discovered responsibility and the best way to give back to society, which we will strive to achieve from beginning to end. Good Quality Paper Plate And Cup Machine - FTPCM-12A Universal paper cup machine – Hongxin , The product will supply to all over the world, such as: Chicago, Indonesia, India, What's Better Than Supermarket Paper Cups? Custom-made paper cups are much better than supermarket ones because they cost more in small quantities than they would in a supermarket, or even in a wholesale market. However, take note of the following questions. 1. You Go to the supermarket and the market to buy the cup, generally only 180 grams of paper, custom-made paper cups are mostly used in 268 grams of paper production, the number of grams of paper here refers to a unit weight of one square meter of coated paper used to make paper cups. The current paper price is high, with 170 grams of paper cups certainly lower than the cost of 268 grams. 2. The problem of printing: the paper cups on the market are usually one or two colors, and when they are printed, they are printed in large quantities. There are millions and millions of paper cups for each order, because they are single color, the quantity is so large that the printing price must be small enough to be ignored. But the custom-made paper cup is different, basically in order to highlight their corporate image so the color is basically 4-color; must be on the 4-color printing machine to print, we all know that printing this thing has a start-up printing price, if it is a small number of the cost of drawing above the price is much higher. Personnel costs and logistics costs; because the volume is small so the machine in the production of a continuous single count, the need for workers than the market paper cup is about twice as much. Logistics because custom-made general to be more urgent so we must use their own delivery or express delivery; this cost is also much higher. 4, Advertisement Paper Cup can print company's advertisement, for the company image to play a certain affectation, compared to go to the supermarket to buy Paper Cup, this gap is very big.
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