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At present, the company has developed a series of quality control measures, covering from product design, raw material procurement, product manufacturing, product inspection, performance testing, packaging and storage to customer service and other links, at the same time, the company to meet customer requirements as the standard, by the specialized departments responsible for the continuous improvement of product quality work. Forming Machine Paper Cup, Fully Automatic Paper Making Machine , Paper Bowl Forming Machine , Fully Automatic Paper Making Machine ,Paper Plate And Paper Cup Making Machine . With the increasing number of small-scale and regional processing of similar products such as beverages and home decoration products, some new companies are reluctant to purchase packaging products from multinational companies, this for the domestic packaging digital printing has brought new market opportunities. The packaging digital printing market is expected to increase 3 times in the next four years, after which the growth rate may be even faster. With the improvement of digital printing equipment and technology, the process of digital printing marketization is speeding up, and the digital printing market of our country is improving. The development trend of digital printing in the future, the quality and speed of digital printing are constantly improving; the post-press processing is intelligent, automatic and can be bound online; the printing cost of sheet-fed digital printing will be reduced, digital printing market share will continue to expand, and with the increasing market share of digital printing, digital printing market will be further subdivided, to achieve web-based printing, ink-jet printing technology rapid development, at the same time as the cost reduction, quality and speed will continue to improve. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Mongolia, United Arab Emirates,Macedonia, Indonesia.

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