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Consumers should pay attention to the use of paper cups, according to different uses of reasonable purchase of paper cups. Paper Cup is divided into cold drink cup, hot drink cup and Ice Cream Cup, different uses, applicable temperature is different. For example, Wax Cup, usually used to hold cold drinks, such as cola, can not be used to hold hot drinks, otherwise the surface of the cup wax layer will easily melt and mixed into food, affecting the safety of use. At present, most of the paper cups on the market are coated paper cups, mainly one-sided coated cup (PE film) , cup without a coated layer, can be used to hold hot drinks. Not recommended for cold drinks, because cold drinks in the cup easy to form condensation on the outside wall, easy to cause the cup body softening, stiffness drop, paper cup easy deformation. Double Pe Paper Cup Machine, Pizza Box Making Machine , Disposable Paper Bowl Making Machine , Paper Bowl Machinery ,Paper Dish Machine . Green packaging-start with small changes, saving the planetStarbucks' green apron does two things every day-share a good cup of coffee with a friend, and help make the world a little better. Our simple concept has not changed since the company was founded and remains unchanged today, said Wang Jingying, chief executive of Starbucks China. The 'Love Green' plan announced by Starbucks China today is just the first step in our ongoing exploration of an environmentally friendly, Love Green Earth. Environmental protection is a cool thing, and we hope that through every Starbucks“Green apron” in every store in China, we can influence and encourage more customers and fans to join us in Loving Green and loving the Earth.” The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Barbados, Poland,Norwegian, Lesotho.The difference between a plastic cup and a paper cup

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