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First of all, the paper cup relative to the words will look some grade, and above if you want to carve patterns, the relative cost will be lower. Like the general important occasion, will use paper cups to entertain guests. Plastic Cups, however, are more cumbersome to handle and require more work and time. And paper cups are not polluting the environment. This kind of cup can actually be completely degraded after use, while plastic can cause white pollution, both from the looks of it and the soil itself are contaminated. At the moment, paper cups are more expensive than plastic ones, but they're healthier for drinking from, and plastic can be more or less harmful at high temperatures. So for their own health, of course, to abandon the plastic cup to use paper cups to drink water. Of course, another feature of paper cups is that their thermal conductivity is not very good. In winter, if you drink a cup of hot water from a plastic cup, holding it in your hand will be very hot, but the paper cup is different, this time the hand can just warm but not hot. So to sum up, whether it is from the environment, health, or convenience, paper cups will have more advantages, is the best choice. Disposable Paper Bowl Machine, Paper Cup Making Machine Semi Automatic , Water Paper Cup Making Machine , Paper Cup Machinery ,Automatic Cup Making Machine . Green packaging-start with small changes, saving the planetStarbucks' green apron does two things every day-share a good cup of coffee with a friend, and help make the world a little better. Our simple concept has not changed since the company was founded and remains unchanged today, said Wang Jingying, chief executive of Starbucks China. The 'Love Green' plan announced by Starbucks China today is just the first step in our ongoing exploration of an environmentally friendly, Love Green Earth. Environmental protection is a cool thing, and we hope that through every Starbucks“Green apron” in every store in China, we can influence and encourage more customers and fans to join us in Loving Green and loving the Earth.” The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Houston, Philadelphia,Bogota, Danish.The paper bowl machine is a general equipment used for making disposable paper bowls. There are paper bowl machines for making disposable paper bowls and cup-making machines for making disposable plastic bowls, specific paper bowl manufacturing equipment selection can be based on the manufacturing process to determine. Paper Bowl machines have only emerged in the last few years, especially in some banquets where they are most widely used. There are also some related equipment such as spoon machines, Paper Cup machines, and so on. These equipment work in a similar way, using paper as the material, some things use plastics as raw materials for manufacturing. Paper Bowl machine produced by the paper bowl requirements are very high, the need for paper bowl manufacturing materials absolute health and safety, and moisture-proof, moisture-proof, heat insulation, heat preservation. Paper Bowl machine to make different shapes of paper bowl need to change the mold. Some paper bowls, paper cups, plastic cups and other products bought in the market are all made using paper bowl machines. Because of the wide use of people and the large market, the competition in the paper bowl machine manufacturing industry is extremely fierce, when we buy paper bowls, we need to ensure the hygiene of the products!

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