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Growth and development are critical to employees. The company takes the talented person introduction, the training, provides the professional career plan for the staff, organizes each kind of enterprise training, promotes the staff quality. In line with the basic principle of“Matching people and posts, making the best use of talents”, the two career development channels of management and profession have been formed, and employees have been given the right to choose the direction of career development, to ensure the optimized allocation of human resources for employees to create good promotion channels, to achieve the common growth of employees and enterprises. In addition to production safety concerns, the company also attaches great importance to the cultural construction and health of employees. This is mainly reflected in our efforts to create a comfortable working and living environment for employees, such as offices and workshops, canteens and so on. The discovery was named Dongguan's most beautiful canteen in 2019. Only by making employees eat well can they work better. The company adheres to the principle ofPeople-oriented and holds regular employee representatives' seminars to solve employee concerns in a timely manner; ensures employee salary growth, continuously improves food for employees; and gradually reduces the labor intensity of front-line employees, employees' rewards and punishments are open and transparent to curb unfairness, and give warmth and humanity to difficult employees, such as providing difficult subsidies to enhance employees' sense of identity and belonging to the company. Round-trip tickets during the spring festival are reimbursed. Cartoon Paper Bowl Making Machine, Paper Food Box Making Machine , Pizza Box Machine , Paper Cup Machine Fully Automatic ,Paper Tea Cup Making Machine . Causes of dislocation: first, the Paper Cup machine production of Paper Cup material is not smooth enough, the operator did not put the paper with the pleated paper; second, the Paper Cup machine push rod part of the fault, can not work properly, then causes the paper cup machine cylinder to have the dislocation. Misalignment solutions: First: Paper Cup machine paper folding is very important, paper folding, paper misalignment will not occur frequently. Second: folding paper, paper to be flat, with the cup machine suction rising contact surface with a very good cooperation, otherwise the suction and paper does not have sufficient contact, it will lead to Paper Cup Machine Jam, this in turn causes a series of failures. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Stuttgart, Estonia,Macedonia, Cannes.The difference between customized paper cups and supermarket paper cups

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